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Prada Waist Down
2005-11-14 / DK,SE,NL,US






Responding to a call from Reed Kram opened the door to a range of projects and exiting years working with the prada-team based around Rem Koolhaas' AMO office in Rotterdam.
The call went out in the final phases of the development of in-store content for Prada's new OMA designed 'epicenter' in Los Angeles.


I immediately traveled to Stockholm to work with Reed on data-driven animations, my code for the stock-market data Spiral and a news-headline 'auto illustrator' made it through the revisions and into the store.


After the store opening, Nicholas Firket (who was taking over AMO/Prada from Markus Shaefer) invited me to contiune the work - and relocate to Rotterdam to work with the amazing team: Kayoko Ota, Shohei Shigematsu, Michael Smith, Reed Kram, mr.Eindhowen, Francesco, sweede Joachim, Guilo, 2x4 team and many more.


Continuing the momentum created by the epicenter stores, content was repurposed as a intense backdrop for the 2006 Fall/Winter Prada fashion show during the fashion-week in Milano, Italy.


Digital manequin's was combined with a surreal 3d landscape to form the printed catalouge for Prada Sports.

Work started on the launch of Prada Perfumes, AMO produced the website and worked on-set during the filming of the short movie "Thunder perfect mind" (Directed by Jordan Scott (Daughter of Ridley Scott) producing a making-off documentary to be released at a launch party (in a empty swimmingpool with (our) ceiling projections) at the Berlin film festival 2006. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

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