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DIF Identity Generator

A '5th element' dynamic identy for Dansk Idrets forening (DIF) in collaboration with 1508.

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Danmarks Idrætsforbund, DIF, organises a large number of Danish sport organisations.
This 'organizing element' became the key idea for the "5th" style element in DIF's visual identity (developed by Tore Rosbo / 1508), conceptualized as:

The process of perfecting Sports, is the process of fine-tuning movement. DIF's identity is to facilitate this process - to let the myriad of imperfections and attempts get the space and focus they need to develop.

So, instead of communicating an visual identiy based on a utopic(?) perfect path, the 5th element consists of the beautiful attempts to achieve it.

base.io was tasked with developing the concept into a production tool.
We responded with a series of prototype (developed using basekit) studies of svg-path mutation, translation of motion-capture .bvh files into path-sculptures and browser-based workflows.

motion capture, prototype/study motion capture study, using the Carnegie Mellon University Motion Capture Database

In the end, we settled on a workflow where a user-drawn path is iteratively displaced by a script, compatible with both a browser-based "Generator": browser

a Illustrator plugin/script: illustrator

and a stand-alone desktop application (using Mio): mio

Looking forward to see the identity on display! shirt



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