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We want kids to be digital creators - not only consumers of digital tools and media

Anne Toft

At Dearstudio TinkerLab we encourage kids (5-99) to tinker with code, technology, art, and design.
Besides hosting workshops and events at our new location in the DIY community at Godsbanen, Aarhus, we are mobile and can move our workshops into the classroom at local schools and learning institutions.
Our educators are a mixture of professionals in the digital field and professional STEAM teachers.


Hands on, fun and engaging

It is all about creativity.
At TinkerLab we engaging through HANDS ON problem solving activities. We work with kids at their level and follow their learning path through tinkerability.
Through Hands On activities we encourage and learn kids to create prototypes, discuss ethics, and aesthetics as well as finding new solutions for solving real world problems.

We are designing apps, coding robots, making funny creations, hacking web pages, creating spacial digital installations. With us coding is challenging and fun.

We are currently tinkering with - but not limited too; Scratch, LEGO WeDo, Root Robotics, Thunkable, JavaScript, Unity.


Everyone can learn to code

At TinkerLab we believe everyone can learn to code. Our aim is to improve the general digital education and believe it is important to understand the mechanism behind the machines, tools, games and medias we are exposed to in our everyday life.

We are working for a digitally informed Denmark where men, women, girls and boys of all ages are critical, thinking, creative actors.

We want people not to be afraid of technologies but to be demanding in their meeting with technology. We want to empower the next generation to take agency in the way technology impacts our environment and be an active part in designing our future digital society. At DearStudio Tinkerlab we want to democratise technology.


We mind the gap

We still have a huge gender gap in the tech industry. At TinkerLab we belief that Denmark should benefit from its entire talent pool and that better products are made in teams with diverse genders and cultural backgrounds. At TinkerLab we have a special focus on reaching out to the girls. We hope intervening at the right time with the right activities can increase girls interest in technologies and result in more women choosing careers in the software industry.

We believe by heart that diversity in the industry will make better products fitted for the entire population.

More information

Rear more about our events and workshops on TinkerLab’s website or follow us on instagram.


2024-03-01 Coding Pirates, Nikita Hald Sørensen: "Women in tech" (Danish)

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