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Butterfly Malmø Stadsbibliotek

A Poetic Multiprojected Transformation Journey

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2010-04-12 / SE

Malmoe Public Library, Vision4





Working closely with Vision4 and Michael Fock, we proudly present the first in a series of 'interactive narratives' for Malmø Stadsbibliotek (Malmoe Public Library): A poetic multiprojected journey centered around the theme of 'transformation,' narrated through the symbolism of a butterfly.

Butterfly Malmø Stadsbibliotek

The journey commences at the library entrance, where a multi-touch screen invites users to craft a unique 'meme' representing Good, True, or Beautiful through playful interactions with words and imagery.

Interactive Screen

Once complete, the meme undergoes an abstraction process, transforming into a butterfly that gracefully ascends from the book and onto the entrance walls, beckoning users to follow its animated path to the next stage of the journey.

Butterfly Transformation

Lysets Kalender, a magnificent 18-meter-tall cubic room designed by Henning Larsen, serves as the primary projection area. Here, a high-powered projector mounted on a moving head orchestrates the butterfly's flight, creating a mesmerizing spectacle that envelops the room. As the moving projection enters an area adorned with an array of static projections, the words of the butterfly's meme become intertwined with carefully selected literary quotes, symbolizing the introduction of something 'new' into the established world.

This project is a collaborative effort involving Jørgen Skogmo, Marcin Ignac, Patrik Svensson, and Magnus Wolffelt, in partnership with Malmoe Public Library and Vision4.

It's a poetic exploration of transformation that invites you to immerse yourself in the beauty of storytelling and art.

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