Procedurally generated metaverse landmark

Dearstudio was asked to help our long term collaborator Hosoya Schaefer Architects to create a landmark for the upcoming Metaverse.

We decided to pursue a concept free of the constraints imposed by the real world on architecture, to approach a design that where 'native' to the metaverse - but still embodied architectural qualities such as areas designed to facilitate interactions or reflection, views and coincided encounters.

We sat out on building a continually evolving procedurally generated model, capable of deployment in the the metaverse.

Procedural landmark

This is an on-going project - updates incoming!

teaser: Procedurally generated metaverse landmark
date: 2022-10-14
team: Markus Schaefer, Juris Strangots, Aleksandar Saponjac
country: PAX
tags: commercial, exhibition, realtime, webgl
clients: Hosoya Schaefer Architects