Google I/0: Adventure

Moderation tool


For 2021, Google's annual I/O conference is entirely online. To supplement the YouTube-facilitated live-streamed keynote and product presentations, Google is launching a 'virtual event experience' - the I/O Adventure - as a digital space where attendees can meet each other, explore the event landscape, chat, collect merch, find easter-eggs, play mini-games and socialize.


Adventure is a virtual sandbox for registered attendees and visitors to get a hands-on experience with Google's new products and features.

We teamed up with Set Snail to build the moderation tool, where Player behaviour could be observed and - if needed - moderated in realtime, to ensure community guidelines where respected, and that the good mood would not be ruined by bad actors or profanity.

A 'tools of the trade' web-app was constructed with React, Mobx and Scss, deployed on- and connecting to the Google Cloud infrastructure, using Firebase and the Firestore realtime database.

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date: 2021-05-18
title: Google I/0: Adventure
teaser: Moderation tool
team: SetSnail
country: DK
tags: Ux, UI, Firebase, React, Mobx
clients: SetSnail
tasks: Ux, Frontend development