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Supporting the Dialogue Between Patients and Doctors

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2015-01-01 / DK

BetterOff, Line Dimer Lyng





Drug Withdrawal Diary

Antidepressants are an important, sometimes essential, tool in the treatment of moderate and severe depression. However, it is also crucial for patients and doctors to continually assess when the medication has achieved its purpose and when the drawbacks, such as side effects, outweigh the benefits.

BetterOff, a Copenhagen-based startup with a social mission, is developing digital tools to support individuals who wish to discontinue antidepressants. The BetterOff app (currently in testing) is designed to aid the process of gradual withdrawal by providing a diary for tracking medication adjustments, symptoms, and overall well-being.

By recording daily information in the app, users gain insights into the correlation between symptom development, medication adjustments, and other factors that may influence their well-being.

The fear of relapse and withdrawal symptoms can make it highly challenging to stop taking antidepressants. There is a need for increased knowledge and support to complement the dialogue between patients and doctors in formulating withdrawal strategies.

Read more about BetterOff in this DR spotlight.


DearStudio handled the UI/UX design of the app, while HeadFitted was responsible for the development.

It's worth noting that BetterOff has no affiliations with the pharmaceutical industry. The project is financially supported through grants and voluntary contributions.

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