COP15 Identity Generator

Generative identity for the COP 15 conference

In 2009, Denmark hosted the United Nations Climate Change Conference and the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In close collaboration with Nr.2154 we extended his beautiful work on the logo into the realm of a parametric realtime-animated generative identity - consisting of 192 lines: one pr. member-state of the United Nations.

Where the static logo shows an 'ideal constellation', a world in (utopian?) balance, the generative logo explores the interplay of the 'states' - a concept of a world in continuos dynamic change.


Developed in openFrameworks (a C++ framework for computational sketching), as an animation tool, that allowed us to quickly experiment with temperaments and seek out the right feeling for 'how the world can come to clarity'.

Simplified version in WebGL:

A range of deliverables was composed, from a Windows7 widget to a full HD version with 'Welcome' overlaid in 12 languages.

The work received high visibility when chosen as the outro for the 'raise your voice' campaign facilitated by YouTube. See for instance Desmond Tutu (we're on @1:54) and Connie Hedegaard (@ 1:58).

Segment of the "Earth" study:

date: 2009-12-10
title: COP15 Identity Generator
teaser: Generative identity for the COP 15 conference
team: Nr.2154, shiftcontrol, okdeluxe
country: DK
tags: Generative Identity, realtime, generative, conference, openframeworks
clients: Nr.2154, Udenrigsministeriet
tasks: Technology probes, creative coding