AARCH Processing Architecture

Exhibition-microsite for the AARCH 2021-winter graduation

In close collaboration with Karen Kjærgaard, Curator and Head of Exhibitions at AARCH;
and Casper Riis Jensen, Designer at Walk, we have developed a exhibition-microsite for the 2021-winter graduates: pa.aarch.dk

Its a highly thematic and visual site - where the user can draw a shape, and drive the animation, — but also search, and find the individual students under their 'studio'.
Once found, we link over to aarch's graduation-archive site, where their full graduation project can be explored.

In the above 'minimal' version, we loop through a series of predefined svg-shapes.


Getting to the 'right' expression is always incredibly rewarding with theese generative-graphics projects.


Karen was amazing - if it did'nt feel right, we moved on.




threejs + fabric + es6-tween for the main theme, crunched and minimized by eslint + terser.
staging and client-previews through gitlab.com + netlify - and look: 4x 100/100 in lighthouse!
Everything is open-sourced (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) and available at gitlab


Trails! Ever since Director 6 (1996), I have simply loved "trails" - the effect that comes from not clearing the drawing-canvas between frames. I have (mis-)used it over and over again, and hope to do it again :-)
In 2004, we did an entire exhibition for PRADA with them!

And - graduation websites! I did my first, Air-born, for Kolding Designskole, in 1998.
Then, again, in 2003 - with Anne Toft, my business partner and loving wife. Actually – we first met for that project!

title: AARCH Processing Architecture
teaser: Exhibition-microsite for the AARCH 2021-winter graduation
date: 2021-01-29
team: Walk.agency, AARCH
country: DK
tags: commercial, exhibition, realtime, webgl
clients: AARCH