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2015-10-26 / DE

Volkswagen, HosoyaSchaefer





The TSF is a OS X desktop application built to navigate and interact with the Mobiglobe content.

It spawns three touch-screens with a combined resolution of 3840x1024 px, Its built to replace three existing apps, while maintaining the main features and interaction model.

The TSF is built on an open-source stack, with GitHub's Electron framework (that bundles Chromium and Node.js) facilitating the desktop layer. The UI is built entierly in HTML5/CSS3, with all icons as SVG and 3D content in WebGL. A highly modular Javascript application knits things together via an event-driven observables pattern. The application relays all user interactions over network to a Unity app running on a second machine.


Visually, the UI is actually downplayed compared to legacy apps it replaces. We aimed to bring it more in-line with the graphical language we use on the DSX project (running just next to it), and adopt 1980's wireframe rendering for the tools.



The last remains of the Mobiglobe legacy applications we developed at shiftcontrol have now, with todays update, been replaced with shiny new MobiCore powered reimplementations. Dear DS; TS1, TS2 and TS3; you have served us well. Thanks for 9 good years. RIP.

Twitter 1: RIP dear TS1, TS2 and TS3. You served is well for 9 years

Twitter 2: Replaced all mobiglobe's Flash (and one Unity) apps today. The new? Javascript.

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