Prada Perfumes

Website, Documentary

For the launch of Prada Perfumes, AMO produced the website and worked on-set during the filming of the short movie "Thunder perfect mind" (Directed by Jordan Scott (Daughter of Ridley Scott) producing a making-off documentary to be released at a launch party (in a empty swimmingpool with (our) ceiling projections) at the Berlin film festival 2006. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The website (now replaced) adopted the filmic paralax-movement to create a "set" from wich the user could stream the movie, learn about the flacon and the ingredients, locate shops and read the lyrics of the Thunder perfect mind poem.

date: 2006-01-01
title: Prada Perfumes
teaser: Website, Documentary
tags: prada, exhibition, web
country: NL, GE
clients: AMO
team: AMO Rotterdam, Nicolas Firket
tasks: creative code, audio recording